Give Yourself 30 Minutes

Today’s Monday, so the school week begins for most high schoolers around the country. If you want to get better, you should try to force yourself to do 30 minutes of tactics everyday. Here are some of my top resources that you can use!

1. Tactics Trainer on

If you don’t let the timer rush your calculations, Tactics Trainer has a good supply of tactics. It focuses a lot on mover order after you reach 1600, which is different than many other online resources.


A good,  free resource that can hep you on your tactical knowledge if you are trying to reach the 1000–1200 rating range. I recommend this to a lot of my friends who are looking for something fun and easy.

3. ChessQuest for iPhone

You can find this app on the app store, and costs $4.99. Built by GM Leonid Yudasin, a world famous grandmaster from the USSR, this app is designed for players of all strengths. Since its easy to access, you can do tactics while on the bus or any other convenient point of the day.

4. 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games by Polgar

If you’re looking for a book, this is a go to collection of puzzles. Across Mate in 1s, 2s, and 3s, Polgar teaches you tactical patterns and motifs. I used this book to help me reach 1300 years back, and I recommend it to everyone I work with below 1100.

5. The Magic Tactics of Mikhail Tal

This is one of my favorite tactic books of all time. Karsten Müller incorporates both chess history and quality puzzles to solve. This book is a fun read for anyone rated higher than 1600.


Just sitting down once everyday with one of these resources can really be a game changer. Try to do tactics during the week so you can focus on openings and endgame technique on the weekends.


Feel like I left out a good tactics resource? Feel free to comment!

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