One Week From the World Open

One week from today, I’ll be leaving for the World Open to play in the 5 day U2000 section. As of right now, I’m the 21st seed in a section of 104 players, so I’m in the top fourth of the section (just barely!). I’m feeling pretty confident about the prospects of a strong finish, as this past weekend I finished 2.5/5 in the U2200 section of the Castle Chess Grand Prix in Atlanta, GA.

With just a week left before the World Open, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Play one long game every day (G/30 or higher). Don’t obsess over results, just focus on calculation and tweak your openings if necessary.
  • With each day leading up to the World Open, go over one of your openings. Don’t spend more than an hour and avoid memorization. Just look for thematic ideas.
  • If you haven’t been studying, then its too late to stress out over tactics and opening theory. Remember, you’re playing chess because it is fun, not because it is a stressful burden.
  • Start going to bed at a reasonable time. Stay up late this week, and you’ll have a hard time getting sleep during the week of the World Open.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes on tactics everyday. You’re much more likely to win on a tactic than opening preparation.

Good luck if you are playing next week in the World Open!

Feel like I’m missing something? Feel free to comment below!

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