Need a Little Crazy?

Freiberg Study

The following is a study from Christoph Freiberg in 2006. While the likelihood of this kind of position occurring in an actual game is highly unlikely, I think this puzzle does a great job of showing the power of forcing moves. Before you look at the answer, its White to move and win, do you think you can solve it?


1.Nd6+! Bxd6 2.Rc4+! dxc4 3.Qd4+!! Kxd4 4.Ne2+ Ke4 5.Nxg3+ Kd4 6.Ne2+ Ke4 7.Nxc3+ Kd4 8.Nxb5+ Ke4 9.Nxd6+ Kd4

10.Nb5+! Not 10. Nxf5+??, the bishop on f5 actually limits the black king’s mobility, eliminating it would give black an escape square.

Ke4 11.Nc3+ Kd4 12.Ne2+ Ke4 13.Ng3+ Kd4

14.Nxh1 While there is still chess to play, white’s passed pawns are simply too much for black to handle 1-0

Due to the limited space of Black’s king, White can impose his will onto the position despite a significant material disadvantage.

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