Potomac Open This Weekend!


Well, I’m playing in the Potomac Open this weekend, making it my first tournament since the World Open last month. I’m playing in the U2100 section, and shoud be a fun section for me. Here are some of my goals for myself in Rockville:

1) No more draws

Not that draws are bad, but when you’ve drawn 7 straight games, you kind of get bored of getting the same result. In my last 10 rated games, I haven’t lost a single round, but it would be nice to improve my tally in the win column.

2) Hat Trick or Better

I’m aiming for 3/5 and above, which would be the first time I’ve scored over 50% in an adult tournament since the Northern Virginia Open (excluding the World Open and small tournaments). I hope that as a result of playing higher rated competition, I can finally start climbing the Candidate Master barrier.

3) Play More Aggressively

Getting 7 draws in a row at my level is not a sign of two players playing brilliantly for 7 consecutive games, it means that opportunities were missed. If I want to do better, I’m going to have to push myself to find strong options every move. I broke 2000 this past week on chess.com, so hopefully that’s a good sign.

Are you playing in the Potomac Open? What are your goals for this weekend? Good Luck!

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