Virginia Closed This Weekend

Chess season starts this weekend, and I could not be any more excited! I’ll be playing in the Open section of the Virginia Closed Chess Championships, hoping to improve on my 2.5/6 score from last year. This year, I’ll be playing in the Blitz tournament tomorrow night, so I have a lot to look forward too.

What am I most looking forward to though? As of right now, my first round would be against Super Grandmaster Sergey Erenberg. I’ve played him in a simultaneous chess exhibition before, but I’ve never played a GM in rated play before.

As I said back in the beginning of the summer, my goal is 3.5/6 this tournament. I think it should be a fun tournament for me, and while there are some lower rated players, there are also a lot of players rated over 2100, so I should get some strong games.

I’ll be back Tuesday with some games and more posts!

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