Chess Push-ups

Looking for some good chess puzzles? See if you can solve these puzzles! The first puzzle is subtle, but focuses on maneuvers in the endgame. The second puzzle, from last year’s Eastern Open is a real challenge. Set up a board and try to solve these! After all, they did occur in my own games, they could in yours too!

Playing for Squares

As I mentioned earlier this week, I tallied 3.5/6 at the National Chess Congress last weekend, and for today’s post, I wanted to share a fun tactic from my second win. In this game, I was slightly worse for a significant portion of the middle game, but I opponent (rated 2100) gave me an out after playing Rg8-d8. See if you can find Black’s saving grace and win the game!

Ferrariz–Steincamp (2014 National Chess Congress)

Black to move and win

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 17.25.16


1… Qg3! My opponent’s dark squares are very weak, so I need to fight to control them. Here the idea is Re6-e1+ winning material. The game followed 2. Qd1+ Kh4 Not 2… Kg6? because 3. Rg8+ Kf7 4. Qd7+ and White can force three move repetition after 4…Re7 5. Qd5+ Re6 6. Qd7+ = 3. Rd4+ f5 4. Qf1 Re1 5. Rxf5+ Kh5! and the king is untouchable. White played on for a couple of moves, but the game was lost.

Feel like I missed something? Feel free to comment below!