Countdown to the State Championships

This past weekend I finished 2/5 at the Baltimore, tacking on a couple more rating points. With my last major tournament of the month completed, I am dedicating all of my time to prepare for the short time controls of the Virginia Scholastic State Championships next month.

To do this, I’ll be playing a lot of G/15 games to prepare, as well as a DC Chess League match next week. Why is this good for you? I’ll be uploading more Live Chess videos on my Youtube Channel! You can check out my first video of the month here.

Baltimore Open this Weekend!

I’ll be playing my first round in the open section tomorrow night in Baltimore, and I’m pretty excited about playing in a tournament for the first time this month. This will likely be my last major tournament before the Virginia Scholastic Championships in March, so this is my last chance to improve my seeding in the K-12 section.

Last month at the Chesapeake Open I score 2/5 in the Open section, so my goal this time around is 3 points and a Candidate Master norm. Might be difficult, but a rating of 2100+ or better is definitely appealing.