Dynamic Dark Squares

For today’s video, I wanted to go over a game I briefly reviewed in my relaunch post last August. Rather than glossing over some positional generalities, I challenged myself to share with you the dark square strategy I used throughout the course of the game. In this video, I only used lines I calculated during the game – not my own engine analysis (don’t worry, no blunders!) to maintain authenticity.

I apologize for the late post – moving in has been a little hectic, and trying to get in the habit of a regular study schedule for the US Junior Open has consumed most of my time and left me less time to dedicate to chess^summit than I had back at Pitt. I wish I could promise to get back on the regular posting schedule next week, but with my wisdom teeth getting removed on Tuesday, we’ll have to wait and see. Once I start playing in tournaments again, I expect I’ll be able to post more frequently!

Anyways, without further ado, here’s today’s video. I hope you enjoy it!

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