New York, New York! Part 2

With the World Chess Championship over I would like to take this time to reflect back to my New York visit to witness games three and four. After spending a large part of my day at the FIDE trainer seminar at the Marshall Chess Club, it was nice to go and relax during the afternoon into the evening at the venue hosting the World Championships. Every fan of chess that reads about the history of chess, in particular the world championships, dreams of the chance to someday to visit the summit of chess. The electricity that filled the venue was hard to resist – believe me, during the long draws of games 3 and 4 I made plans to leave several times in order to be well rested for the next day of seminar training, of course something always kept me from leaving! Seeing Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjaken up close, as well as chess personalities such as Judith Polgar, Peter Doggers, Lev Alburt, Jay Bonin, Yaacov Norowitz, Irina Krush, etc…was a wonderful experience.


Me and blitz legend Yaacov Norowitz

Several fans in the café area clinged to every moment and would have the positions setup on theirs boards. Crowds would gather around a board and the kibitzing would be flying, hands reaching in suggesting moves, people trying to refute ideas, everyone curious as why Magnus and Sergey were making such moves was great fun to watch.


Fans analyzing every move of Magnus and Sergey

One of my personal highlights was reuniting with my good friend Majur Juac. Majur is originally from the DC area, but then relocated to the New York area to teach chess for Chess NYC – a prominent chess teaching company in the New York area. A story came out in the Washington Post about his amazing life story – please take the time to read Pondering His Next Move.


Myself, with Maryland player Kevin, and Majur excited about the match

Photo: Bill Simmons Photography

US Chess School founder Greg Shahade brought his students attending the 37th US Chess School in New York by the match both days that I was there to enjoy the world championship, and of course they played tons of blitz!


Greg Shahade and US Chess School students

Photo: Bill Simmons Photography

The only downside of the match was that there was not enough seating to  watch the video of the match and listen to Judith Polgar was the commentate. The acoustics of the room made it next to impossible to hear the commentary. This was a common complaint I heard buzzing around the match, and online. 


Judith Polgar

Photo: Bill Simmons Photography

It was a great honor to be able to experience the World Chess Championship in person – I can only hope that in the future it will be 4 hours or closer to where I am living! Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen for successfully defending his title! Extra special thanks to local Virginia player Bill Simmons for providing several excellent photos for this article.


The Challenger and the Champ

Photo: Bill Simmons Photography

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