Why do Blunders Happen? Recapping the 2017 Liberty Bell Open

I had a rough performance in Philadelphia last week, but after looking over my mistakes, I realized a lot of common themes that were worth sharing. One of my goals in putting this video together was to discuss how strong players make blunders, and identify what errors in calculation happen building up to the fatal moment.

While using my Liberty Bell Open performance as an example was not my intention going into the tournament, being able to review my games several times definitely helped me learn from my mistakes.

I’m hoping to get in one more tournament before I go to Europe, so we will see how that goes! Hope you enjoy my video!

3 thoughts on “Why do Blunders Happen? Recapping the 2017 Liberty Bell Open

  1. Jason Braun

    Good video. I give you a lot of credit for doing all that analysis after a bad event. I had one of my best events ever at the North American in Las Vegas, then my worst ever (in 45 years of playing!) just 2 weeks later at the Golden State. I still haven’t recovered enough to take out my set and do some analysis.
    Good luck in Europe!

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