Chess^Summit World Cup Sweepstakes!

It’s that time of year, as the 2017 FIDE World Cup in Tbilisi, Georgia is just days away! This edition of the 128 single elimination playoff is the strongest ever, and the two finalists will earn coveted spots in the 2018 Candidates Tournament. With so much on the line, we decided to join in with the Chess^Summit World Cup Sweepstakes! Luckily enough, you all can play along and win some cool prizes along the way!
At 2799, Caruana is #5 in the world rankings. How far do you have him going?

This particular edition of the World Cup is historic, as reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen has decided to join the fray, making him the first reigning champion to compete in a World Cup in recent memory. Can he make it to the final? Perhaps – he has a tough road – Svidler, Wojtaszek, Vacier-Lagrave, and Grischuk are potentially all in his way… just to get to the semifinal! The competition is brutal, but this time you get to tell us if you think the Norwegian has what it takes.

There are other big questions: Does Anand earn one of the two Candidates spots in Tblisi? Which of the fifteen juniors goes the farthest? Who will be the strongest American finisher in the World Cup? Earn your spot on our leaderboard to win memberships to up-and-coming chess websites, lessons, and more!
Take your time to learn the bracket – you can count on a lot of surprises!

How to Play

Enter the sweepstakes through the link below. We will be raffling away some prizes throughout the World Cup, so make sure to send us your contact information so we know how to contact you if you win a prize.
There are 24 points on the line – with each question you answer correctly, you score more points. Some questions are worth more than others, so answer wisely! Players that finish the World Cup points will win prizes – it’s that simple!


How could we have a sweepstakes and not have amazing prizes? We reached out to some up-and-coming chess platforms from around the web, and we have some great prizes for you. Remember, we will be raffling some of these prizes, so don’t be shy and send us your submission!


monkeyToRightYou may have heard of Chessable, but it’s the online tool the cool kids use to get better at chess, so now’s your chance to catch up! The site offers an interactive platform to learn openings, and now one of the best places on the internet to learn theoretical endgames thanks to it’s partnership with New in Chess. International Master John Bartholomew and David Kramaley, the founders of Chessable, have offered up five PRO memberships and five copies of John Bartholomew’s book on the Scandinavian to the lucky winners of our Sweepstakes. We will be raffling away one of each, so don’t miss out!

Here’s a quick video John made this video on his Youtube Channel, talking about the new endgames enhancement that just came out on Chessable:


ChessOpeningsExplainedGrowing up with, I grew up with videos from Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn! Luckily enough, GM Perelshteyn has started his own website, ChessOpeningsExplained with his recommended opening repertoire. One of the better kept internet chess secrets, ChessOpeningsExplained offers an easy-to-use site where you can ask GM Perelshteyn directly about any opening questions you may have! GM Perelshteyn, a past guest author here on Chess^Summit, has offered full-access memberships to ChessOpeningsExplained! These prizes will be distributed in our raffle, as well as to some of our top finishers in the sweepstakes!

Here’s the most recent ChessOpeningsExplained video, about the Jobava Attack, which Daniel Naroditsky played against Eugene Perelshteyn at the recent Washington International.

International Master Kostya Kavutskiy

photo.jpgThe last time we heard from Kostya was back in April for the Reykjavik Open when he smashed his competition with an unbelievable 6th place finish! Since making daily tournament videos with me in Iceland, International Master Kostya Kavutskiy has been working on the Grandmaster title, but has also been teaching along the way. In this sweepstakes, Kostya has offered up a free 30 minute lesson to a lucky winner and one personalized game analysis! Both of these prizes will be offered up in our raffle, so don’t miss out on a chance to work with a professional player, coach, and author!

Check out Kostya’s video from his most recent Chess University course on Positional Sacrifices:

International Master David Brodsky

2400.4David is no stranger to Chess^Summit – in fact he’s been an author for us since last October! Since joining with us, David’s earned the International Master title, and shared a lot about his personal experiences and chess improvement.

We hear a lot about rapidly improving youngsters in chess, but have you ever gotten a chance to play one? David has offered a 30 minute blitz session with him for a lucky winner in our sweepstakes. David is the third strongest 14 year old in the United States – do you have what it takes to take down the International Master from New York?

Candidate Master Isaac Steincamp

Hi there! Yeah, this is me – how else could I resist joining in on the fun? I’m offering a private game analysis, complete with annotations and opening recommendations in our raffle. I’ve written some Free Game Analysis posts in the past, but this time my analysis will go even more in depth to help you find problems in your game. Outside of my quest to make National Master, I’ve always had a passion for coaching. Here’s your chance to work with me!

Here’s my most recent video for ChessOpeningsExplained:

Want to offer a prize? It’s still not to late! E-mail us at to let us know!

With so many prizes at stake, this is not a sweepstakes to miss! Make sure to send in your submission before 6:59 AM EST on September 3rd, when clocks start in Tbilisi. This is going to be a fun World Cup, and we’re excited to celebrate one of the best chess traditions in style!

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