Chess^Summit is Looking for a New Resident Author

Ever wanted to talk about chess on an established web platform? Here’s your chance! Chess^Summit is looking for a passionate and talented author to contribute insights regularly (bi-weekly).

About Us:

Resident Authors Beilin, Alice, and Isaac at the 2016 World Open in Philadelphia

Chess^Summit is a unique online project (, designed to help chess players discuss their goals while sharing their step-by-step progress on an online forum. Since the site’s conception in 2014, Chess^Summit has had over 66,000 article reads worldwide and has been recognized by the United States Chess Federation, Chess Club Live, and many other organizations for its ability to constantly publish creative content.

By featuring non-titled players on the site, Chess^Summit is able to consistently make relatable articles and videos for amateur players and connect with players from around the world differently than mainstream chess websites.

– Create interesting and fun bi-weekly chess-related content for readers (articles, videos, etc)
– Publish content through WordPress (can be learned on the job)
– Maintain a social media presence (Facebook, Twitter) and promote your own Chess^Summit articles (at a minimum)

– Access to Internet and a Computer
– Understanding of chess, chess notation, and terminology
– Willingness to work with Chess^Summit team

Beilin with Grant at the 2016 PA State Championships. Grant is now the 3-time defending state champion

Remarks and Benefits:
While the Chess^Summit Resident Author is not a paid position, we aim to help budding chess reporters build a brand and public profile while creating unique chess content. Our authors have landed paid opportunities and recognition from ChessOpeningsExplained, the Perpetual Chess Podcast, the United States Chess Federation, and ChessBase – thanks to their work for Chess^Summit.

Feel like you have a lot to share on Chess^Summit? Fill out our application and see if you have what it takes to become the next member of the Chess^Summit team!

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