IM Kostya Kavutskiy’s Positional Sacrifices Promo Code!

Remember Kostya? For those of you who are new to Chess^Summit, I got the chance to stay with the International Master in Iceland for last April’s edition of the Reykjavik Open during my European Tour. Kostya had the tournament of a lifetime, placing 6th in one of the most prestigious open tournaments in the world, and we also had a lot of fun putting together instructional round-by-round recaps of the tournament. Here’s one from the fourth round!

Having worked with Kostya in the past here on Chess^Summit, I’m really excited to share his Positional Sacrifices course from ChessUniversity with you all today!

When I think about landmark games in 2017, Kramnik-Harikrishna (Shamkir Chess) and Aronian-Carlsen (Norway Chess) immediately stick out. Why? The power of the positional sacrifice.

Kostya’s ChessUniversity course is really well put together and is a fun and friendly introduction to positional sacrifices. As a coach and chess writer, I think its especially valuable that Kostya finds top-level Grandmaster games from both past and present to help build your intuition on how to analyze positions. Make the most of the course, and I promise you will be a stronger player for it! Check out this clip from his 45-part series:

Luckily enough for you all, Kostya has given Chess^Summit readers a special deal on his course. Use the discount code: SUMMIT, and receive 20% off when you order his Positional Sacrifices series.

Kostya and I at the Closing Ceremony in Reykjavik

As a current undergraduate student, finding time to study chess can be hard, but the ChessUniversity interface makes it easy for me to start right where I left off whenever I have the time between classes. So what are you waiting for? Punch in the discount code SUMMIT, save 20%, and get started on this high-quality course from IM Kostya Kavutskiy!


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