Meet the Authors

Chess^Summit features a team talented authors from across the country. Learn more about our Resident Authors and their previous achievements below!

Isaac Steincamp  Having now played chess competitively for over 15 years, Isaac holds the title of Candidate Master. In his junior year of high school, he coached his school team to win 1st place in the U1200 National High School Chess Championships. Now a fourth-year student at the University of Pittsburgh, Isaac is the Pitt chess team captain, manager of the Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers in the PRO Chess League, and streamer for

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 18.43.02Vishal Kobla  Vishal started playing competitive chess relatively late at the age of nine, but he progressed quickly through the ranks with the help of multiple instructors and holds the National Master title. Now, he is in his junior year at Rock Ridge High School and the Academy of Science and is part of the RRHS chess team.

caroBeilin Li – Beilin is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate from West Lafayette, IN. He took a break from chess following elementary school, but returned to regular competition in 2014, gaining 800 rating points over the next two years. In April 2017, Beilin earned the National Master title. In 2017, Beilin served as co-manager of the Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers for the PRO Chess League.

david-profileDavid Brodsky – David is a rising high school junior. At 11 years old, he earned the FM title by winning the North American Youth U12. After a turbulent 2015 and early 2016, he got his first IM Norm in June 2016, a miraculous GM Norm later that year, and his last IM Norm at the Philadelphia Open in April. In 2017, David earned the International Master title after breaking 2400.

Xiao Bio Pic

Xiao Cheng – Xiao started to play chess when he was 4 years old and was very active in the Atlanta chess scene between 2001 and 2007. In 2005, he placed first in the K-12 SuperNationals, and a year later he became the 2006 Georgia State Champion. Xiao is a FIDE Master and has started teaching chess in Metro Atlanta area and online at

Jorn Fabian DammannJorn Dammann – Jorn is a self-taught 16 year old expert from Austin, Texas. As a high school student, he loves to pursue chess when he not busy with sports or academics by playing in tournaments and studying diligently. His major goal is to crack 2200 USCF and achieve the national master title.


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