Meet the Authors

Chess^Summit features six talented authors from four different states. Learn more about our authors and their previous achievements below!

Isaac Steincamp  Having now played chess competitively for over 12 years, Isaac holds the title of Candidate Master with a peak rating well over 2100. In his junior year of high school, he coached his school team to win 1st place in the U1200 National High School Chess Championships in 2014. Now a second-year student at the University of Pittsburgh, Isaac is a prominent member of the Pitt chess team.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 18.43.02Vishal Kobla  Vishal started playing competitive chess relatively late at the age of nine, but he progressed quickly through the ranks with the help of multiple instructors and holds the National Master title. Now, he is in his sophomore year at Rock Ridge High School and the Academy of Science and is part of the RRHS chess team.



Alice Dong – Since starting chess at the age of 8, Alice has won the 9th Annual Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls and was a co-champion in the U18 section at the 2015 KFC National All-Girls. Two years ago, she founded the NJ All-Girls Chess Camp, which is free to all participants and has introduced more than 90 girls to the game of chess. Currently in the 2100 range, she hopes to reach master level soon. Alice is currently a freshman at Swarthmore College.

Beilin Li – Beilin is a junior at Carnegie Mellon University from West Lafayette, IN. He took a break from chess following elementary school, but returned to regular competition in 2014, gaining 800 rating points over the next two years. In April 2017, Beilin earned the National Master title. In 2017, Beilin served as co-manager of the Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers for the PRO Chess League.



Grant Xu – Grant is a ninth-year player from the Boston area and sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. His accomplishments include a pair of state scholastic championships, a pair of state blitz championships, and three consecutive Pennsylvania State Championships (2015-2017). Grant’s immediate goal is to break 2400 in the near future.


15435714_734971613324994_22537442_nVanessa Sun – Vanessa is a novice chess player but has followed chess news intently for years. She volunteers at the United States Chess School and does freelance chess journalism for sites such as Chess Club Live and US Chess. After covering the 2016 World Chess Championship, she will be writing about other elite events in the near future.



david-profileDavid Brodsky – David is a high school freshman. He learned to play chess at the age of 6 and has loved the game ever since. At 11 years old, he earned the FM title by winning the North American Youth U12. After a turbulent 2015 and early 2016, he got his first IM Norm in June 2016, a miraculous GM Norm later that year, and his third and last IM Norm at the Philadelphia Open in April (link). An IM-Elect, David’s goal is to reach 2400 FIDE and get the IM title.

Jennifer Yu – Since learning chess at the age of 7, Jennifer has become a WIM, won the National Girl’s Tournament of Champions three times, played in the United States Women’s Championships three times, won the Virginia State Championship, and became the World Champion for girls 12 and under in 2014, the only US girl to do so in 27 years. She is currently a high school freshman.


One thought on “Meet the Authors

  1. Hi Beilin,

    Hope all is well. This is Winston Wang, the father of Warren and Wesley Wang, We briefly talked at USAT in Parsippany, NJ last month.

    In case you have not heard of it, i am running the first of our quality tournaments, held on April 1st and 2nd in Edison, NJ. It is USCF rated of course, and will be FIDE rated soon. The tournament is for competitive players with good money prizes (guaranteed or % of total EF, whichever is greater) 

    You can find more tournament information on, including the link for registration and hotel booking. The second one is to be held on May 20th  and 21st. Will send the information over once it is ready. We launched this after consulting with many competitive chess players. The positive response is overwhelming. CHESSanity, as you may notice, a non-profit organization, was founded by my two boys, Warren & Wesley.

    A few authors of Chess Summit are aware of our tournaments, such as Alice Dong, David Brodsky and Vanessa Sun. Many more do not. Could you help to spread the word?
    I know it is a long trip from CMU to Edison, NJ. I hope you can make it to one of our tournaments.

    Thanks. I can be reached at 9176782077 in case you have questions.

    Thank you.

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