Our Mission

Like the chess community as a whole, the Chess^Summit team is made up of a mixture of chess players, instructors, and advocates from all over the United States, working on every aspect of the Chess^Summit mission – sharing instructional material, personal experiences and goals, and news on ongoing chess programs around the world for free!

Beilin, Alice, and Isaac at the 2016 World Open in Philadelphia.

Unlike other chess websites, Chess^Summit provides a new perspective, offering advice through the eyes of improving players. While we are by no means Grandmasters, we believe that our insights would be valuable to any player trying to become an expert at chess! While top-level games show us deep strategic ideas, the mistakes at master-level games if studied correctly can help foster a strong tactical and positional understanding of chess.

David Brodsky earning his IM title in 2017!

To further enhance the quality of this project, we are always looking for new guest authors to provide material for our site. Whether you are a strong player, coach, tournament director, or advocate for chess, we would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences here on Chess^Summit! If you are interested, send us a note here with your thoughts!

We are really excited to see what we can accomplish here on Chess^Summit, both in our personal goals and in the material we can provide to make you a better player!