How should parents and chess coaches respond to the triumphs and setbacks of their children and pupils when they compete in chess tournaments? In regard to this intricate matter, this is my point of view. My top priority is to ensure that my son takes pleasure in all aspects of the chess experience, including playing […]

Chess players’ psychological advice

Chess is a game of logic. It’s just you, your ideas, and your feelings when you’re at the board. For professional tournament players, possessing the proper psychology in such a situation is crucial. It doesn’t matter how much you practice your endgame, combinational, and opening knowledge—if you can’t get in the appropriate frame of mind, […]

10 Pointers towards Becoming a Chess Champion

It will take a lot of studying and practicing to become a chess champion. To get you started, consider the following 10 suggestions: KNOW THE MOVIES Each chess piece has a limited range of movement. For instance, a pawn can only attack one square at a time from an angle while moving straight forward. The […]