The Top 9 Chess Learning Apps

One of the oldest games ever is chess. It features a steep learning curve and many rules and tactics. Using a smartphone app is a fantastic method to get started playing chess if you want to learn but don’t have somebody to teach you.

Numerous apps can teach you the game, pair you with opponents in online chess contests to test your prowess, and provide you with strategies for winning more matches. The top chess apps for iPhone and Android are highlighted in this post to aid chess beginners in learning the game.

Chess Instruction with Dr. Wolf

This program offers simple lessons that you may learn through games and on your own. The lessons are organized into tiers for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users. By competing against Dr. Wolf’s AI chess coach character, you can obtain knowledge of the basics, chess openings, and strategies. After a few games, you can analyze your errors and discover more effective tactics.

In addition to the in-depth lessons, the app is user-friendly and well-designed, which motivates you to keep playing and learning. The app is simple and free, which is advantageous for learning a challenging game.

Play & Learn Chess

This program, which is based on the website, is the best at pairing you up to play live games if you want to test your abilities against actual chess players. Simply selecting New Game will launch a simple online game where you may choose the game’s duration, skill level, and partner.

The app also has other features that new players may find useful. For instance, you can compete in chess competitions, play games against a computer opponent, or solve brainteasers to see how much you know. This free program is essential for playing chess online for both novice and expert players.

Chess training with Magnus Trainer

To assist you on your journey, this app offers a ton of courses and games. It is the official app of five-time World Chess Championship champion Magnus Carlsen, a grandmaster in the game of chess. Magnus Trainer is the best chess learning software, however his Play Magnus app is another excellent chess app.

Its ability to track your understanding of several chess skills and display them in a diagram to assist track your development and pinpoint areas for growth sets it apart from similar tools. While many of the app’s functions are unlocked for free, all classes can be unlocked for $7.99 per month, $74.99 per year, or $299.99 for a lifetime membership.

tactics and lessons for chess

With this app, you may learn in-depth lessons while being guided through the game’s various features and given problems to answer. Lessons on introduction to tactics, attacks, the endgame, openings, and defense are available on the app.

The software’s puzzles and certain courses are free, but you can access the complete app for $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year. It’s a helpful app for developing more advanced chess skills.

Csgo Tiger

Chess Tiger is an excellent site to play chess on your own while learning strategy and movements if you prefer learning through experience. With the help of this software, you can move the game ahead or backward to better examine it as well as view recommendations for the best actions to make and the risks that your pieces provide.

Additionally, you can move the board around in-game to see it from your adversary’s perspective. This program can show you the ideal actions to make while playing, but regrettably it lacks any written tutorials.

Pro Chess Tactics

The most helpful puzzles of any app may be found in Chess Tactics Pro, with difficulty levels ranging from simple to difficult. A skill-learning puzzle pack with hundreds of puzzles is also available for purchase. The price of each puzzle pack is $1.99, or $9.99 for all of them.

You can also play in progress mode, starting with simpler puzzles and working your way up to more challenging ones as you go. If you enjoy solving chess puzzles, this software is great overall.

3D real chess

Are you sick of playing chess in two dimensions? With the help of this program, you may play pass-and-play chess with a friend or play 3D offline chess against a computer. The ability to view the chessboard from any angle, much like in real life, makes this program useful.

The fact that this program is completely free to use is its biggest feature. If you’re a complete newbie, you can start with some simple lessons.

Learn how to play chess.

Another app where you may play and learn chess strategy is this one. Each game can be played without hints, or you can take back pieces to get a score. The game appears in your tracked data and raises your app ranking.

You can use this app to see the greatest movements that are currently accessible, game statistics over time, and several game modes to sharpen your skills. In the training mode, your opponent’s threats and suggested moves are displayed for you. The software is largely free, but you can purchase the full version for $14.99.

Chess for social purposes

Social Chess gives you the opportunity to compete against actual opponents if you learn best by playing with others. You can watch other games being played right now or play with others through a random match-up. Additionally, you can sort participants by skill level, view previous opponents, or look for specific players to play with.

The best free chess app for playing authentic matches in between lessons is this one.

With These Apps, You Can Sharpen Your Chess Skills

No matter how skilled you are, knowing more can help. Finding out how to play and the best methods can be difficult at first if you’re a total newbie. These tools can assist with any level of difficulty and make learning enjoyable. You’ll soon be comfortable engaging in this well-liked strategy game.

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